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12 june 2021
Congratulations on Russia Day!
"Day of Russia" (before 2002 - "Day of the Declaration of State Sovereignty of the Russian Federation") - June 12 - state holiday of the Russian Federation.It is celebrated annually since 1992 (non-wo...
31 march 2021
Certificate IATF 16949
The Tissan LLC team successfully passed its annual surveillance audit and confirmed validity of its IATF 16949 certificate issued by the certification organization Bureau Veritas.  
23 february 2021

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For our partners

Experience in using polyamide 11 tubes

Tubes from polyamide 11, apart from use in pneumatic brake and fuel circuits of motor vehicles, find wide use in other sectors of the national economy:

  • in hydraulic drive lines for clutch and gearboxes of motor vehicles;
  • as a sheath for cords (for example, glass raiser);
  • in hydraulic systems of manufacturing equipment;
  • to feed oil to moving parts of machines;
  • as sheaths for electric cables;
  • in industrial and automobile cooling systems;
  • as different types of anti-friction tubes;
  • in medical, chemical, nuclear and petroleum industry, in laboratory research.

Hydraulic drive tubes

Air conditioning tubes

Hydraulic clutch tubes

Electric cable with polyamide sheath

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